About Us

No Consolation is:

Greg Loving, Guitar and Vocals

Greg Loving is a philosopher songwriter who sings what he sees–love, lust, hypocrisy, tragedy, hilarity and maybe some hope every now and then. He has played everything from Rock to Bluegrass. He blasted off in Illinois and has since lived in Idaho, Kentucky, and California before landing in Cincinnati to teach philosophy to unsuspecting college freshmen. His solo album, Homo Guitarus, is available on iTunes and streaming services.

Phoebe Reeves, Vocals

The daughter of musicians and writers, Phoebe earned her BA in English and Classical Vocal Performance. For her, poetry and music are two sides of the same coin (not that poets have too many coins). You can find her poetry here. Her day job is teaching English to freshmen and sophomores at Clermont College, and advising the lit journal, East Fork.

Don Peteroy, Bass

Musician, novelist, and social worker, Don is a renaissance man currently working as an Academic Writing Tutor at Clermont College. He earned his Ph. D. in Literature and Fiction Writing at the University of Cincinnati. His novella, Wally, was published by Burrow Press in 2012. He was awarded the Playboy College Fiction Prize that year.


Noah MacKenzie, Drummer

Noah has a PhD in Cognitive/Experimental Psychology with an emphasis on Music Cognition. He meant to play it like that; he’s intentionally subverting the tyranny of western metrical structure or whatever.

For booking or other inquiries, contact greg.loving@uc.edu or phoebe.reeves@uc.edu