Somewhere a fortuitous sperm and egg hatched Phoebe Reeves in the pond and pine wilds of upstate New York. Somewhere a rather confused sperm and egg hatched Greg Loving in the tame cornfields of central Illinois. After many adventures in between, a heavy dose of freak magnetism driven by a love of depressing but melodic songs pulled poet Phoebe and songwriter Greg together at Clermont College in Batavia, OH, where she teaches English and he teaches Philosophy. Phoebe’s husband Don, completing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Cincinnati, joined to give the duo some sort of instrumental respectability.

No Consolation’s harmony-driven material ranges from Greg’s originals, which drift from the deadly serious to the seriously satirical, through the musical poppy fields of folk, country and indie weirdness. Fodder for an Epitaph, our first full length studio album, is now available on all major streaming services. CDs are also available–ask one of us and we’ll hook you up.

Check out our new single, “Sometimes,” now available on all streaming services:

Also, please join us on Facebook, and check out our prescient 2016 single, Trump My Mind:

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